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Thomas Marnets is a contemporary abstract sculptured artist who was born in Buffalo N.Y. and currently resides in beautiful Tarpon Springs Florida. Thomas’s artistic interest began at the age of 13 while carving wood names for neighborhood friends.

Thomas discovered his true medium aluminum in the summer of 1995 while attending a welding course at Seminole State College in central Florida. Going forward he advanced his skills through self-teaching and experimentation.

In 2007 Thomas created a stunning line of upscale male body jewelry which was featured and sold at boutiques within several resorts including Caliente Tampa as well as Paradise Lakes Resort.

Thomas has previously displayed his remarkable designs at fine art galleries such as Blank Slate Gallery in beautiful Sarasota Florida.

Thomas has previously worked on projects including sound stages for Mariah Carey and other entertainers, as well as the fabrication and welding of Audio/Video equipment racks for specialty news vehicle’s while commissioned with Mobil Tech Incorporated located in Sanford, FL

In 1997 Thomas held the position of Vice President for the Florida Midget Racing Association and continues to attend and follow the Florida Southern Sprint Car Racing series.

In his free time Thomas enjoys attending local art festivals, and live orchestra events. Thomas studied single engine flight training in the late 1980’s and enjoyed regular flights in his family owned aircraft.

Thomas is very excited to share his future visions and projects he is currently pursuing, each certain to surpass prior achievements as his artistic vision and skills continue to expand and grow. His extraordinary ability to create breathtaking designs is simply astonishing and while remaining well diversified in his pursuits, Thomas continues to gain recognition from clients and dedicated followers worldwide.



A Timeless Artist

Welcome to Twistedezines. Years of growth and experience eventually led to the inception of Twistedezines in 2000 With a line of abstract contemporary sculptures ranging in a wide variety of styles and sizes , I continue with each new creation to strive to evolve through creativity and experimentation using my passionate medium of aluminum to create breathtaking and inspiring works of art . Explore my pieces below.



I believe in channelling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork. My inspiration for my work is the use of materials and in the actions of creating shapes. Twistedezines is born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Twistedezines today.

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